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What should the user note when charging the battery?

Charge the battery with a good quality & dedicated charger, Never more than 5V/1A. Otherwise, it will cause damage to battery, serious personal injury, fire. Any inappropriate use of Xvape products are not covered under warranty.

How to choose a vaporizer? Conduction VS. Convection.

Conduction: A transfer of a thermal energy through a substance or Solid.Convection:  A transfer of a thermal energy  through a liquid or a gas.The convection method is preferred by many for vaping flowers, since it doesn’t combust the material. A convection unit evenly heats each mouthful of vapor as you pull, so every hit should be flavorful and potent.Convection is more effiencient. A small amount of bud can go a long way with this heating method.In a conduction vaporizer, the heat source is in direct contact with your botanicals. This means that it heats up faster. It also means that the material in contact with the heating element will get hotter than the rest—like cooking in a cast-iron pan on the stove. Giving your herb or oil a stir between pulls will help.Topgreen has one convection vaporizer: XVAPE FOG. Other vaporizers are all conduction heating. All in all, the convection vaporizer can produce more accurate temp. control, more even herb heating. There is less risk of combustion. While the conduction vaporizers has less complicated and cheaper prices, with faster warm-up time.  You can choose what you want based on the quests to choose a suitable vaporizer.Thanks for your support.

What is concentrate vaporizers?

Concentrate VaporizersOil and Concentrate Vaporizers allow the user to enjoy their favorite oils, concentrates, bho or e-juice/e-liquid. All of these units are very portable and compact, making it excellent choice for maximum stealth and discreetness. Most of these oil vaporizers utilize a lithium ion battery and a cartridge/tank system that can be replaced or changed at any time. These units are user-friendly and typically have a one button activation system that makes them very simple to operate. Vaporizer pens or “pen vapes,” as they are popularly called, have gained in popularity due to their efficiency, ease of use and lack of discernible aroma in the vapor they produce.Topgreen is a professional designer and manufacturer of concentrate vaporizers. XMAX/XVAPE are the brands. The concentrate vaporizers under these brands are as follows: XVAPE VISTAXVAPE MUSEXVAPE V-ONE 2.0XVAPE CRICKETXMAX V-ONEXMAX V-ONE PLUSXMAX STARK.......

How to put an order?

You can check the contact ways in our websites and then contact us for order details. Then our Sales will make proforma invoices under your request. When you pay it, the order can be arranged and sent to you ASAP. You can send us the order details via e-mail,skype, alibaba trademanager etc. 

Can I choose our own freighter?

Sure, the customer can ship the goods via their own freighters. Just pls tell us the contact way of your own shipper. We will ask them to pick up the goods when all finished. And we also offer any documents necessary for the shipments.

How do I know whether what I bought is the original not copy?

Pls confirm it with Topgreen company. 

Do you have CE/RHOS certificates?

Topgreen/XVAPE have all certificates for each models to make sure its safety. 

What is the main products?

Topgreen/XVAPE are mainly professional in the vaporizer for dry herb/wax. XVAPE has many popular models: such as X-MAX V2 pro. XVAPE Vital, V-ONE, V-ONE 2.0 , Vista etc. 

What's the resposiblity for the shipment with Topgreen?

If the international shipment, Topgreen/xvape will only be responsible for the goods safety in our customs. The customers need to be responsible to the local customs clearance etc.  Topgreen will offer any documents necessary for the customs clearance. 

How to ship my package?

Topgreen/XVAPE can ship the packages from our factory via DHL/UPS/FEDEX/AIRLINEetc. Some can also be shipped from our agents with local freighters. 

How long is the warranty time?

All the vaporizers will have 6months for warranty. Atomizers is with 3 months. 

What is the warranty for the vaporizers?

If you buy from Topgreen/XVAPE or the XVAPE agents, when the device is broken in its warranty time because of its quality problem, pls contact them to show the problems and get relative replacements. Any more questions, just e-mail to support@topgreencig.com

What payment ways can I use?

Topgreen/XVAPE support the payment from PayPal, Western Union, Bank transfer(T/T).PayPal is only for sample order. Pls check our official accounts on our websites. When you pay the order, pls confirm the accounts with Topgreen Sales .

What's Vaporization?

In simple terms it's the process of gently heating herbs with hot air to release active ingredients, which are boiled off and inhaled in the form of vapour.Most vaporizers these days use convection to heat the herb, which is downstream in the vapour path, and separate from the heater. This method heats much more evenly and effectively than the conduction type.The heated air is either drawn through the herb (manual whip) or forced through with a fan. The temperature can be varied precisely with analogue or digital controllers, or by the draw speed and strength in the manual mode. It's all in the personal preference of the user. Some people prefer to select their temperature to control which active ingredients are released, and some prefer a single temperature and vary their draws. Different temperatures release different proportions of active ingredients in the herb. This affects the tastes and the experience in general.