How does the Mechanical mod xvape X2 compare to the smaller pen-style e-cig that I currently use?
The Xvape X2 is a slightly larger electronic cigarette due to the bigger battery it holds. There are many advantages to using a device with a larger battery.

Compared to the pen-style e-cigs the Xvape X2 averages 7-10 hours of heavy use on a single rechargeable battery. Since the Xvape X2 has more power, you will find the difference to be night and day over the smaller devices. More power equals more vapor and longer hours. Many of our customers have expressed their frustrations with small pen-style e-cig batteries. The major complaint is that the batteries only last about 4 weeks before they no longer hold a charge or rapidly decrease in performance and need to be replaced. With the added problem of only being able to charge one pen-style battery per charger and the time it takes to constantly re-charge, it can quickly become a daily chore. We invite you to try the Xvape X2 and see how it will greatly improve your vaping experience!

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