How should the atomizer be maintained? How often shall it be cleaned?
 By regular use of your cigarette, be sure to maintain your atomizer.

1. Clean your atomizer daily. Seperate the atomizer from the battery by turning the battery, remove the filter and blow sharply into the end which is threaded. Remember to keep a paper towel at the other end as fluid will run out from inside the atomizer. Alternatively, you can also use a little compressed air for this, but it must be limited, and only a little at a time.
2. Also clean your filter, especially if it is an ego-Tank filter.
Wipe the inside sides of the filter and insert it again.
3. You can also rinse your atomizers under the tap, details as below:

  • Hold the atomizer under the hot tap. Put water in the end where you normally put the filter in. The water pressure must not be too hard, as you may risk destroying the atomizer. Keep it there for about for 10-15 seconds and take it away from the jet.
  •  Now you blow into the atomizer, from the threaded top until no more water comes out.
  •  Repeat the process than 3-5 times.
  • Let the atomizer dry for a day before use.

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