Outward Bound News Release

Outward Bound News Release

On 12 and 13 April 2014 ,the company organized the staff and launched a two day Outward Bound on a Mission Jiulong golf training base. By conducting sleight , passion beats , dynamic drum Britain , leaders of style , high-altitude Bounce , aerial bridge, rock climbing and a series of projects , we have benefited quite good , not only the harvest of fun,but also confidence and courage , and to exercise the mind and body , derive more profound thinking and enlightenment.

Activities beginning at the lead of instructors, we conducted a series of arrangements. All the players divided into six groups, each elect a captain, team name , slogan , and then we began formal training .

Teams in each group were showing various forms,showing surprises,members of self-confidence, dynamism and passion.

Firstly, three projects must be completed within the stipulated time: sleight passion beats , excellent ring through our concerted efforts , fully demonstrated the close collaboration team , mutual encouragement , unity of purpose . We eliminated the feeling in the face of failure and complaint.

Next, they had a " high-altitude Bounce , aerial bridge, rock climbing " and other projects through our work together , encourage each other players not to fear. in accordance with the instructions of instructors , Players fastened seatbelts,and stepped forward. Tacit understanding and cohesion between players let us sigh.Eventually all of them successfully completed the task, each person's face is exposed excitment and smile. Through these projects , the players were deeply awared that only believe inthemselves and be optimistic receiving the challenge , then whatever difficulties can be overcomed.

last item --- climb graduation wall , without the aid of any tools, only with the students body, wisdom, courage and cooperation to turn over the 4.2 -meter-high "graduation wall". After some discussion and practice , players finally took a ladder formed by players body to climb fraduation wall, when the last person successfully climbed the wall ,some students can not help bursting out cheering for victory,some moved to tears.

Just two days passed, but there were many things left us to think about . Throughout the Outward training , the power of unity is infinite, only by all members’ solidary and highly concentrated cohesion,difficult project can be fulfilled.In the outward training , I found a person's strength is limited.It is hard to fulfill the teamwork. only put themselves into the team, then can they give full play to their abiliy and realize the maximizing of individual value.This activity improves our overall combat effectiveness and cultivate our organizational culture communicative and practical ability, promote the team spirit and enhance the sense of teamwork , and create a more harmonious cadre team. Affection between members get promotion and intimate.