Time: 2014-09-05

CECMOL CHINA ECIG FORUM 2014 holds in KIRIN PARKVIEW HOTEL, SHENZHEN, CHINA on Sep. 2-4. This is a professional and wonderful meeting about e-cig policy,trend and the analysis of the current siuation of the e-cig.

On Sep 02, Ron Tully and James Murray from TMA present much info about the US e-cig market and FDA redulation and its impact on Chinese ecig and vapor manufacturers. The prefessor Yashwant Panthk even talks about developing E-cig as a platform for nano particulate drup delivery of therapeutic.
On the second day, Jacques.le houezec from France talks the e-cigs in Europe. He thinks the consumers in EU led a revolution. Also David Thomas from BAT presents the preference of eliquid of European ecig consumers. Arnaud Dumas analysis the EU e-cig market. Most pay more attention to the safty and health and the enviroment.
Some Chinese lecturers such as the CEO of JSB Mr Wu mentions the catogry and belonging of the e-cig. Some regulation needs to be made to make the  e-cig develop smoothly in the world.

Also the vice general manager from Elego presents the importance of the Brands of e-cig. Product Quality, Price, the advertising, brands etc. are the important factors to live in e-cig market for the suppliers.

Inall, Many vistors attends in this forum meeting . Many learns so much, known more about the current e-cig market and trend. It will make all e-cig staffs with more confidence.

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