2016 Newest Wax vape pen V-ONE2.0 is coming soon

From: Topgreen
publisher: Sanvia
Time: 2016-02-17
Summary: 2016 innovative wax vaporizer--V ONE2.0 is coming soon The newest heating element Groundbreaking design Perfect vaping experience

Topgreen innovative wax vape pen V-ONE 2.0

Pre-order is available now


1. Crystal Dual Coil heatingelement

2. SS Mouthpiece (easyto take out, hard to broken, Splash-proof functionality

3. Glass bubbler mouthpiece

4. 1500mAh battery(other suppliers just can make 1100mAh maximum), variable voltage magnetic Dab tool

Battery Power20W
Charger Voltage5V/500mah
On/OffClick the button 5 times consecutively
Battery LowLED lights flash 10 times rapidly
CoilCrystal Dual Coil
Time Protection for each press20 seconds

Kit Content:

1x1500mah TC battery

1xV-ONE 2.0 wax atomizer

1xGlass Bubbler MP

1xExtra Heating Element

1xMagnetic Dab tool

1xUSB Charging line

1xUser Manual

1xGift box

8xO ring

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