The differences between the faked V-ONE and Topgreen authentic ones.

The differences between the faked V-ONE and Topgreen authentic ones.

     Rencently, more and more new customers come to us with complaints on V-ONE vaporizers.  After they sent us the pictures or videos, we finally know they bought the faked V-ONE.   
     Here, as the Authentic V-ONE supplier---Topgreen, tell sth about the differences between our V-ONE and the faked ones. Sincerely hope what we have done can reduce the chance for the customers to be cheated. 

     The differences are below: 

 1、Authentic V ONE has logo on the front of the battery
2、Authentic V ONE Uses stainless steel instead of low quality alloy
3、Authentic V ONE on per full charge should last most people more than 2 weeks
4、Authentic V ONE does not use any glue in our coil
5、Authentic V ONE’s button lights up green for colored units, blue or green for stainless steel depends on the batch
6、Authentic V ONE most likely has serial number on the bottom of the connector base depending on the batch, and the number is unique for each kit.
7、Fake V ONE tends to produce a bad smell from the coil
8、Fake V ONE’s coil tends to have dark stain on the it
9、Fake V ONE usually has bad paint job on the battery, connector base and button

All XVAPE products have authenticity sticker where you can find your verification code. I have attached a picture of our authenticity sticker

V ONE’s suggested price is $49.99, feel free to go on our official website to find out more information.