The big Success for XVAPE in Vancouver Canada.

Time: 2016-09-23

The Agent XVAPECANADA  attend the show  Lift 1 Expo Vancouver. in Canada with all the XVAPE/XMAX PRODUCTS. 

It is the first time for Topgreen let its XVAPE/XMAX PRODUCTS in Canadian show. Many customers stopped by our booth to understand our products.  

Old customers keep ordering the XMAX VITAL/XMAX V2 PRO/XMAX V-ONE etc. Then The new XVAPE VISTA successfully attracts the visitor and the exhibitor's attention because of its awesome design and the fantastic performance.

The new wax pen like XMAX STARK and XVAPE CRICKET are most popular because of its sound price and the stable quality. 

In all, More and more people in Canada know and love XVAPE/XMAX. 

If any customers from Canada, pls go to www.xvapecanada.ca to buy the products. It is Topgreen's sole agent in Canada. 

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