Xmax Starry dry herb vaporizer is launched this week

Time: 2017-02-23
Summary: Xmax starry is a new dry herb vaporizer from Topgreen. It is still a conduction heating vaporizer, but with many improvements on the XMAX VITAL which is one of the best-seller so far.

XMAX STARRY is launched this week.

Starry is a new dry herb vaporizer from Topgreen. XMAX VITAL is one of the best-seller in Topgreen. The current XMAX Starry has many improvements based on the XMAX VITAL.

Before some customers reflects XMAX VITAL battery can not be replaced. Now Starry can do!

Importantly, The magnetic ceramic mouthpiece and the ceramic filter are the shiny point for this dry herb vaporizer... Are you interested in it now?

Also the whole body is aluminum with very comfortable feel.

The function is same as our VITAL.

If you love this model, pls kindly don't hesitate to contact us.




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