XVAPE AVANT--The new dry herb vaporizer from XVAPE

Time: 2018-09-03

One of the advantage is the short time of heating,it only takes 18 seconds to reach 380(193) byimproved battery efficiency. The top cover is design as magnetic mouthpiece; ituser friendly and very strait forward.

To improve customer experience of taste and smoke,we have selected to use a ceramic heating chamber along with a ceramic mouthpiece. 

A Single charge can be used for 15 times(sessions).When turn on/off, Avant will show the battery level and remind you to charge ifneeded. Five temperature design to meet all different customers’ needs. Avanthas the capabilities to remember the preference using temperature, for the nexttime you turn on, it will keep to your last temp setting. The most importantthing is the cost performance, it cost only $59!!! I believe it is a goodchoice for you.

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