XMax is one of the main vaporizer brand from Topgreen. 
XMax V2 PRO, XMax V-One, Xmax Vital, Xmax Stark, Xmax Starry etc, are from XMax brand. 
These products can support the OEM/ODM serivce. 
XMAX STARRY is a new dry herb vaporizer since Feb. 2017.
XMax V2 PRO is a 3-in-1 vaporizer for dry herb/wax/oil. This is a classic model since 2015.
Xmax Vital is a dry herb vaporizer with fast-heating and sound price. 
Xmax V-One is a wax vape pen. 
Xmax stark is a portable  economic wax vaporizer.
Welcome to visit us. Welcome to vape with XMax products.