XVAPE is a vaporizer brand from Topgreen. 
XVAPE V-ONE 2.0, XVAPE MUSE, XVAPE VISTA,XVAPE CRICKET and cricket 2.0, XVAPE FOG etc. are from XVAPE brand. 
These products can not support any OEM/ODM service. 
XVAPE V-ONE 2.0 is a wax vape pen with glass bubbler, much progress on the base of the XMax V-ONE. 
XVAPE Muse is also a wax pen like a real pen. 
XVAPE Vista is a dabbing vaporizer, working as an e-rig also enail. 
XVAPE FOG is a true Convection vaporizer.
Welcome to visit us. Welcome to vape with XVAPE products.